Specifications and price cadillac 2017

Specifications and price cadillac 2017

cadillac car specifications are not less good with other manufacturers that produce cars at a price equivalent to cadillac, in terms of modern technology made by GM car is not inferior to some new technology installed certainly enough to describe the power of this car. cadillac has a very convincing look with the use of sparkling paint and grill coating that uses chrome it is enough for my friend to know that this car is cadillac, here are the Specifications And Price Cadillac Latest:

2017 cadillac ats coupe pictures

Cadillac CTS Car Price

Type Cadillac Car Price
Cadillac CTS $40,000
Cadillac CTS-V $65,000
Cadillac CT6 $60,000

Price Cadillac CTS car is a sedan car has three types of series with 4 doors, 2 doors, and 5 doors, luxury display offered this car would be very comparable to the price of CTS car cadillac is a sedan that has many features, like this car limo sedan appear with various comforts and luxuries it has. the cheapest price of this sedan is $40,000 for the standard version, while for the most complete version offers at a price of $60,000. Also read: 2017 Cadillac Ct6 Specs

Cadillac Escalade Car Price

Type Cadillac Car Price
Cadillac Escalade $70,000
Cadillac Escalade ESV $75,000

Price Cadillac Escalade car is a perfect combination of sophistication and high tech SUV type car is seen dashing of course still with a headlamp design that still looks the same as the other series, has a 5-door car is also equipped with a light sein that is in the rearview mirror, of course the most striking is the grill of this car that looks great. for the price alone this series car has offere price reaching $75,000 more is a very high value for an SUV car, the price is expensive is still a consideration of the consumers in Asia as Indonesia’s teruta who are familiar with SUV cars with bandrol not more than $35,000 . visit: http://www.cadillac2017.com/2017-cadillac-cts-v-specs/

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