Castle clash – Gargoyle Hero Guide

Castle clash – Gargoyle Hero Guide


The Gargoyle is a legendary hero of Castle Clash, which is to acquire against the advertise with gems. Gargoyle found its way into the game in the Halloween Update 2015. He is one of the class of the loss-maker. With his special ability he inflicts damage over time, protects and heals friendly heroes.

How do you get Gargoyle?

There are currently only a way to get Gargoyle, but you need a little luck, because these depend on chance. Advertise with precious stones: Recruiting heroes with gems takes place in the altar of the hero, an attempt will cost 150 gems.

Level 1: over a period of 5s is 60% ANG added to nearby enemies, as a whole, allies to 120% healed ANG, and reduces their damage by 10%. Is immune to coma and fear.

Information and attributes

Damage: 200 (+ 10 per level, + 200 per star level)
Life: 4800 (+ 190 per level, + 4800 each star level)
Attack speed: 1200 ms
Movement speed: 175

Movement speed and power

Movement speed

The initial speed of Gargoyle on level 1 is located at 175 and each star level is increased by 5. Each time when a hero reaches a new level of stars and the hero Gets a new star, increases the movement speed of the hero.

Here an overview of increase the movement speed of the Gargoyle pro-level stars:

Level 1 (1 star): 175
Level 20 (2 stars): 180
Level 40 (3 stars): 185
Level 60 (4 star): 190
Level 80 (5 star): 195
Level 100 (6 star): 200
Level 120 (7 stars): 205
Level 140 (8 stars): 210
Level 160 (9 star): 215
Level 180 (10 stars): 220

Power increase

The power represents the overall ability of a player. To get power through improvement of buildings and the training of fighters and heroes. With this Castle Clash Hack generator every new hero level increases the power of a hero. Gargoyle (level 1) controls 5 points to add full power. On level 200, he contributes the maximum amount of 950 points to the total capacity (power) of a player.

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